Detailed Guide to Help You Know the Best Accutane Alternativefor You

Also known as Isotretinoin, Accutane has for years been utilized in the treatment of acne.  Oral Accutane medication helps to clear up your skin. Though extremely effective and reliable in treating acne and other skin conditions, Accutane is known to have many side effects among which are liver damage, inflammatory bowel disease, depression, and birth defects. Over the years, experts have been studying this acne supplement to verify if it’s good for human use. While studies still confirm it good, they have given several Accutane alternative solutions which you can go for if you aren’t ready for surprises.

pantothenic acid acne

The Widely Known and Used Vitamin B5

One mechanism Accutane uses in treating acne is to shrink your skin’s oil glands to decrease the size of the pores and the levels of sebum generation.  Pantothenic acid or in other words vitamin B5 is known to use the same mechanism. It’s a naturally occurring nutrient which is found in different amounts in foods that we consume on a daily basis. It works by regulating the amounts of fatty acid production. It’s not yet crystal clear how this supplement works since experts in this sector are yet to give detailed information but the truth remains that it is safer, effective, and way better when compared to Accutane.

Undergoing Laser Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

This therapy involves the use of lasers to boost skin tone and treat acne.  It works by encouraging healing deep from inside the skin. It’s non-ablative so it doesn’t generate face wounds.  It is one of the most recommended techniques for treating acne which is widely known for their effectiveness and safety in rejuvenating the skin and getting rid of the common health problems linked to the skin.

Opting For the Ever Powerful Blue Light Therapy

In this therapy, light spectrum bands are targeted towards the spot where the acnes are which results in total destruction of the bacteria causing the acne eruption. Studies have already confirmed that there are light types that work miraculously towards improving skin health and eradicating acne. Blue light still remains one of those lights though it’s harnessed and offered in an ultraviolet ray’s free environment. The therapy is non-invasive and will only take 15 minutes and only 8 sessions for you to realize accurate results.

The Professional use Of Chemical Peel

Chemical peels have for years been proven to work amazingly in enhancing skin texture and tone. They are considered perfect solutions for those who are suffering from whiteheads, clogged pores, and common other acne related problems. They come in a variety of strengths so their ability to clean clogged pores and dislodge excess sebum varies. They are made from different ingredients among which are synthetic ingredients, glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxyl acid. All chemical peels make your skin to undergo brief and superficial peeling. It is strongly recommended that when you decide to use chemical peel you consider getting an expert who has experience in the industry to help you do it more precisely and safely.

IPL Photofacial TherapyasanAccutane Alternative

This is an amazing therapy that involves using the of light spectrum beam to help in enhancing your skin condition. It entails application of intense pulsed light to help in the rejuvenation of your skin deep from inside out. It does all this by improving the growth of your skin elastin and collagen levels.  In the event you discover that your skin responds negatively to topic medications, IPL photofacial will be your best bet for treating acne and other conditions.  It can be used to treat a wide variety of skin conditions including but not limited to acne, age spots, sagging skin, and wrinkles. An IPL Photofacial therapy session often lasts for 30 minutes and you must attend at least 5 sessions to realize maximum results.