Research: Salmonella Bacteria to Treat Brain Tumors

Salmonella bacteria can be used to cure brain tumor therapy, salmonella is bacteria that can cause infections of the gastrointestinal or better known as salmonellosis. Salmonellosis is usually also referred to as the 'salmonella'. These infections can occur in humans and animals.

Those who once stricken with typhoid is sure never also heard reserved salmonella. People are infected with this bacteria will experience high heat.

Salmonella Bacteria to Treat Brain Tumors
Salmonella Bacteria to Treat Brain Tumors

Researchers from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University, the United States, could conjure up the bacteria that often causes food poisoning is becoming destructive brain tumors.

In the journal Molecular Therapy Oncolytics issue December 15, 2016, Johnathan Lyon, Nalini Mehta, and four other researchers published a scientific article entitled "Bacterial Carriers for Glioblastoma Therapy"

Glioblastoma brain cancer is known. Glioblastoma patient survival rate is very bleak. About 30 percent of patients was only able to survive for two years after an undiagnosed. Therefore, the success of 20 percent only in testing is an indication that encouraging.

The factors that cause these tumors are difficult to be cured is a position hiding behind the blood-brain membrane layer. This section divides the blood circulation of the fluid of the brain itself.

The difficulty that is what they are trying to take apart. In the journal, they declared the Salmonella typhimurium have managed to turn through the process of genetic engineering.

"The modified Bacteria, previously vied for human colon, we change in order to target tumors in the brain," which was written in the Journal.

The researchers tested this engineering salmonella to a group of mice who have been injected with tumor cells in glioblastoma 100 days the equivalent of 10 years in human age.

That way, according to research team member Johnathan Lyon, as quoted from Science Alert, Friday last week, can overcome the limitations of conventional medicine that does not easily penetrate the membrane.

"Thus, a new healing methods should be targeted directly to glioblastoma," said Lyon, who is also a researcher in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory School of Medicine.

So how were successful, the necessary genetic cells can penetrate directly into the tumor. The form of Salmonella typhimurim was later modified into purine which is also required by the glioblastoma tumor cells.

But actually it is just another trap. When an interaction, two compounds called azurin and p53 acts to paralyze the tumor cells. "It works like a missile to genetics. Target lock, and then destroy it," said Lyon.

In the journal, researchers claim this way is much more accurate than the operation. Any side effects will not appear because the nature of healing is detoxification.

New hope of course. But it takes time and research some more. Understandably, testing against different mice with human against them, especially in terms of dosage.

"We have to translate them back into the measure of a man," said Lyon. "A clear, proven method is effective and can be refined for the treatment of tumors in the future."

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