How to remove scars on face

The scars on face often make people not confident. This does not harm the health, but it will ruin your appearance. However, don't worry, there are many ways to remove from tour face!

The scars on the face are result of the process of healing due to skin damage. How the skin heals will affect the occurrence of scar. The scars on the face can be caused by the acne up to injuries, and has a variety of forms such as whole, light-colored flecks until dark, and so on. In principle, to know how to care for scars on face needs to understand what the cause and type of scars.

How to remove scars on face

Scarring atrophy
These injuries occur due to damage to the skin so the skin of the buffer chain cannot be heated perfectly. An example is hollow or scars pocked. The scars on the face are often caused by chicken pox.

Treatments can be done requires the supervision of a trained doctor as the use of laser, filler, dermatitis, subsist, and so on. Laser procedures most commonly used with how to help flatten the surface of the skin and stimulate new collagen formation.

Scar hypertrophy
This injuries occur due to excessive production of collagen in response to damage to the skin. In the form of scars increases, it can be red, and sometimes in the form of keloids. Generally arise when the injury occurred deep enough in the skin tissue.

Care to flatten the surface of the skin can be therapy with medications that contain silicone, anti-inflammation such as corticosteroids, procedure of chemical peels, dermabration, and so on.

Flat spots on the skin can be light-colored (white, pink, red) to dark (brown, black). Flecks on the face can occur due to sun exposure, acne scars, or inflammation of the skin.

Skin care for the spots that can be done in the form of topical therapy hydroquinones (2%) safe dosage for hyperpigmentation spots, use a cream containing vitamin C, retinoid acid, or Microdermabrasion techniques for fleck.

For optimal results, we recommend you consult a skin specialist regarding the selection of appropriate therapies.

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