Anti Cancer Foods

Anti cancer foods that should be in your diet. There is no single person who wants to be affected by cancer. Diseases that spread so quickly and also life threatening indeed can be a threat to everyone. But cancer can be prevented early on by pledging to adopt a healthy lifestyle, one of them is through food.

There are some foods that can prevent the onset of cancer that can be consumed so that your body can not develop the potential growth of cancer cells.

anti cancer foods
Anti Cancer Foods

Here are anti cancer foods that should be in your diet every day.

Garlic contains antioxidants and also have anti-cancer properties can be consumed daily in food as a spice in cooking. But garlic is better nutrients found in raw garlic. Korean people often eat raw garlic mixed with salad vegetables, in this way, you will not feel the bitter taste derived from garlic. You also can eat it raw.

You can easily easily find foods with soy-based materials, such as tempeh, tofu, and cider soy. You can also eat boiled soybeans such as edamame and green soybeans. Not only rich in protein, but soybeans also have compounds that can ward off cancer and anti-carcinogenic. Moreover, it can also prevent prostate cancer as well as breast cancer.

Carrots have a lot of carotenoids or beta carotene which is not only good  for eye health but also serves to fight cancer. You can eat them with processed into juice, made soup, or also eaten directly.

Some white cabbage and some are red, both types of cabbage are equally able to prevent cancer. White vegetables are slightly greenish-rich forage components of indole-3-carbinol, which can fight estrogen which can potentially grow breast cancer cells.

That's anti cancer foods you can consume each day.

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