September 21, 2016

September 21, 2016TWednesday, September 21, 2016

Dehydrated Skin

Not just the body, it can also be dehydrated skin. The good news, there is a way to keep the humidity of the skin from within.

Dehydrated skin or dry skin is a skin condition a lack of fluids on a layer of the epidermis causing loss of Natural Moisturizing Factor or factors of natural skin Moisturizer which resulted to a reduction of the level of humidity.

Dehydrated Skin

Be wary if you are experiencing symptoms of dehydration of skin below:
  • Skin feels tight and itchy, especially after being washed, shower, or swim.
  • The skin looks dull and feels rough.
  • There are the lines or peeling of the skin of certain body parts.

Behind a Dehydrated Skin
The outermost layer of the skin is called the epidermis. In this layer, there are 4 types of layers of cells of the skin, the stratum corneum one. Stratum corneum (SC) is the lipid-protein membrane the most plays when the skin is dehydrated. The liquid in the epidermis layer acts keep elasticity and prevents the skin becomes dry.

On the stratum corneum is this, there is a critical component, such as a natural moisturizing factor (NMF) or natural moisturizing factor is in charge of keeping the skin moisturized liquid levels. NMF is a mix of molecules are hygroscopic (attracts and retain water) which helps maintain hydration of the stratum corneum on. Most content of NMF is salt (including electrolytes), urea, and lactic. Hardness, amino acids stored in it.

Production of NMF is highly dependent upon the humidity of the surrounding environment. When the level of the liquid is less than 10 percent, then the surface of the skin will be dry. Dry skin may well be a sign that the shortage of body fluids

You can prevent the condition of skin dehydration by drinking an electrolyte regularly at any time, including before bedtime so that the skin humidity is maintained from within. This is because the liquid electrolyte is able to replace a component of sodium, potassium, and magnesium body is lost through sweat.

Beautiful skin can be owned by anyone. But keep it avoid dehydration is also very important. Drink plenty of electrolytes will help keep your skin's natural moisture. At the same time, maintain the skin stay healthy even through you're busy activity.

September 18, 2016

September 18, 2016TSunday, September 18, 2016

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is known to have many benefits that are good for health and beauty. Sweet liquid produced by bees is widely used as a traditional medicine that is believed to be able to cope with a variety of conditions.

Health benefits of honey, the assumption is that true if deemed medically? Honey consists of some content, such as water, carbohydrates, vitamins such as vitamin B and C, minerals such as calcium, iron, and sodium.

Health Benefits of Honey

Societies often make use of honey as a remedy to relieve coughs, allergies, diarrhea, and asthma. Not only that, there are also some people who use it for a variety of problems, such as skin cope with acne, relive itchy skin, and heal wounds.

If you are interested in using honey as a traditional medicine, it's good you know the benefits of honey which is actually from the medical domain. The following is an explanation of the benefits of honey for health in terms of medical.
  • Cough
  • Some studies mention that sweet honey can trigger the production of saliva and mucus. It can wet the throat so relieve cough. Eat honey before bed may be able to reduce cough in adults and children aged two years and over. The benefits of the honey seem to be equated with cough medicine containing dextromethorphan.
  • Wound Healing
  • You could try applying honey processed or cream containing honey on skin that is injured. It looks like nutrients and other chemicals in honey can accelerate wound healing by means of reducing pain, reduce infection, pus, and reduce odor in the wound. The types of injuries that could potentially be cured are Burns, postoperative wounds, blisters, ulcers chronic feet, and ulcers.
  • Diabetes
  • Several studies found that consuming honey every day might be able to lower your blood sugar levels in diabetics. Not only that, cholesterol levels and weight loss diabetics may also be decreased. However the decline belongs to small. Further research is still needed.
  • Mouth ulcers due to radiotherapy
  • Consumes approximately 20 ml of honey may be able to reduce the severity of canker sores, weight loss and pain when swallowing due to radiation in the treatment of cancer in the head and neck. The results of the clinical study also States that honey may be able to lower the risk of developing thrush related radiotherapy.

The fourth condition above still a "possibly effective". Despite the positive results, further research is still required to certify their validity.

On some of the other benefits, honey proved to be efficacious. Nevertheless the results were obtained from only one study or research at an early stage only. Further research is needed to know the truth in terms of medical benefits of honey. The intended benefits are:
  • Increase stamina.
  • Overcoming high cholesterol.
  • Threat diarrhea.
  • Relive the condition after eye surgery.
  • Increase fertility.
  • Skin itching.
  • Treat skin irritation due the burning sun.
  • Relive asthma.
  • Address the problem of malnutrition.

The way the honey consumption is securely
If consumed with the right dosage, most likely the honey safely. Children over the age of one year are also generally can consume honey.

Apart from that, keep in mind that not all honey is safe. There is a type of honey that might not be safe if consumed, i.e. honey derived from the nectar of Rhododendrons. This type of honey is at risk of causing low blood pressure, chest pain, and heart problems on the type of honey because they contain toxins.

For those of you that have pollen allergies, it is better to avoid consuming honey because the sweet liquid is made from pollen that can cause allergic reactions

This is the Secret of why the Benefits of Superior Black Honey
Black honey benefits might be even better than honey-colored light considering this type of honey contains a higher phenolic component. Due to the higher content of phenols, antioxidant capacity then in this type of honey is automatically higher.

Of the following compounds is the key
As mentioned above, one of the factors that make the benefits of superior black honey is the fenolat compounds. The compound fenolat is one of the group’s most important compounds in plants and its kind is very diverse. So far, based on their chemical structure alone there are thousands of the different types.

According to research, the goodness of fenolat compound indicated on some profitable activities, such as:
  • Anticancer.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Antiaterogenik (an inhibitor of arterial constriction).

In addition, this compound also reportedly has antithrombotic activity that activity is an inhibitor of platelet aggregation (merging) is widely used by patients who are high risk of acute coronary attack.

Other black honey benefits that might be obtained thanks to the presence of the compound fenolat is capable of strengthening the immune system. Other benefit that may be present is analgesic. The main effects of analgesics are eliminating the pain. Another important role of fenolat compounds in honey black is as an antioxidant which inhibits the activity of free radicals in the body.

September 14, 2016

September 14, 2016TWednesday, September 14, 2016

Brain Food Nutrition

The Human body will experience aging along with the increase of age, including the effect of the decrease in brain function and memory abilities. Several groups of foodstuffs thought to be vitamin a brain that helps improve brain memory.

You need food for the nutrition of the brain to keep it functioning properly. Doctors and researchers continue to develop research supports the benefits of some of the content of certain foodstuffs and against brain health.

Brain Food Nutrition

Three of following nutrients is often touted as a major component of brain vitamins:

Vitamin B12
Consuming enough vitamin B12 is believed can help improve memory. But unfortunately the lack of vitamin B12 is often experienced by elderly people, vegetarians, and people who suffered from indigestion. Vegetarians can get this vitamin B12 fortified on cereals, while people generally get the vitamins in red meat, poultry, and fish.

Although there has been no research that proves the relationship between memories with omega-3, but a study being developed revealed that people who consume fish oil supplements have less brain atrophy than is not routine. Other studies have found that reaction time against short-term memory in people who consume 1.16 grams DHA every day quicker than not. Salmon and offal turns naturally contains one of the omega-3 fatty acids, namely DHA and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

Vitamin E
The study found that high levels of vitamin E can help relieve symptoms in people with Alzheimer's intermediate level. Some other evidence found that vitamin E brings the benefits of developing memory and think people are elderly. However, a Professor of Neurology States that consuming vitamin E over 1000 IU per day can be dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease and taking blood thinning drugs. These actions also potentially increase the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Prioritizing their consumption of legumes, green leafy vegetables (spinach), dark skinned fruits (avocado, blueberry, and blackberry), and grains to get enough vitamin E nutrition.
  • To facilitate the selection of vitamin consumption by the brain, below is a list of some foods that are believed to contain goodness for health brain.
  • An expert on nutrition revealed that research on blueberry committed against animals discovered that this fruit may protect the brain from oxidation due to stress. In addition, the consumption of this fruit can reduce the occurrence of the condition is due to the effects of aging, such as dementia or Alzheimer's. This fruit can also increase the capacity to learn and the ability of motion in animals tested. A general practitioner recommends to consuming a cup of blueberries every day in the daily menu as brain vitamins.
  • Whole wheat contained on whole wheat bread, brown rice, and oatmeal are rich in omega-3 and vitamin e. the consumption of a loaf of bread wheat 2-3 times a day or half a cup of whole grain cereal a day to meet this demand.

If consumed 3-4 servings a week, omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon, sardines, or fish it can be a great vitamin for the brain.

Avocados contain monounsaturated fat plays an important role in lowering blood pressure as a factor supporting the working of the brain. Strive to consume a quarter to a half avocados as a snack every day to avoid excess calories.
  • Pomegranates are touted as the fruits contain vitamins brain because it contains antioxidants that protect the brain from damage caused by free radicals.
  • In the right portions, tea can enhance the ability of the brain to focus and remember, and improve mood. Thiamine in tea that is brewed is believed to help activate parts of the brain that plays a role focusing attention.
  • Nuts help stabilize blood sugar levels as fuel for the brain. Peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, or which have been processed into peanut butter or almond jam still contain high nutrients. It would be better if these nuts are consumed without salt.

Meanwhile, other materials are also widely used as medicinal herbs is apparently not yet supported by medical evidence. For example, it turns out that ginkgo biloba supplements have not been proven to be able to reduce the memory capabilities of a decline or prevent the risk of Alzheimer's.

In addition to the passing of fresh foods, vitamins brain could indeed be obtained from supplements, but consumption remains need to be consulted carefully to the doctor. In addition, regular exercise and eating healthy foods is the best way to maintain health and memory.

September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016TSunday, September 11, 2016

Exercise during Pregnancy

In addition to maintaining the health, exercise is also good for protecting the health of the fetus and streamline the process of childbirth.

One way to ensure that you always fit while pregnant is by exercising. Proven, exercising while pregnant can provide benefits to labor. Everything was done so that the pregnancy is always healthy and uneventful.  Exercise in pregnancy important to do on a regular basis.

Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercise routine while pregnant can help prevent low back pain, reduces fatigue, prevent diabetes while pregnant, improve posture, as well as maintain stamina during pregnancy and labor. In addition can also help streamline delivery and help restore your body weight to the original weight after birth.

So many benefits do exercise while pregnant on a regular basis, among other things:
Relieve aches and pain perceived in the pregnancies.
Muscle toning.
Strengthens the heart and lungs.
Make sleep more soundly.
Helps avoid excessive weight added.
Relieve the pain due to the increase of the load on the spine.
Strengthen the joints.

Psychologically, exercising makes you think more positively because it feels more ready to face a delivery. In addition, after the baby is born pregnant, gymnastics also helps you can immediately return to the body shape and stamina.

Guide to Exercise
Here are some things to note while exercising in conditions of pregnant:
  • If healthiest pregnancy and are not problematic, you may work out – even highly recommended. But in some conditions such as bleeding, flecks, placenta location of low, abort a threatening, a history of premature birth, it is advisable to consult in advance with the doctor before starting to exercise.
  • If you have a medical history such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease, should consult in advance with the doctor before exercising.
  • Relaxing while exercising. As a general guide, when exercising you should still be able to speak. If wheezing breath until it cannot speak, means your sport is already excessive.
  • If before conceiving you rarely exercising, we recommend that you start with a light aerobic sports such as swimming, walking, yoga, cycling, or jogging.
  • Always do heating and cooling while exercising.
  • Avoid heavy exercise especially when the weather is hot.
  • Drinking enough water.

Things that need to be controlled
Extra care is needed if it is to work out while pregnant. Therefore, avoid this sports while pregnant:
Diving activities should not be done. This is because the baby has no protection against emboli and decompression (due to the high pressure under the sea).
Sports that involve jumping or sprinting movements are excessive.
Sports involving physical contact with others, such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer.
Sports or activities susceptible drop, like horseback riding or surfing.

By keeping her diet and exercise regularly, the pregnancy will also be easier to be lived, as well as with labor.

September 9, 2016

September 9, 2016TFriday, September 09, 2016

5 Ways to lose weight without dieting

In addition to diet, there are other ways that are also effective for weight loss. What are these ways?

There are many ways to lose weight without dieting. Diet is not the only way of getting the body ideal. The five following ways is also effective to help you lose weight.

how to lose weight without diet

Use a plate with a small size
Research shows that when you use the plates and cutlery are large, someone will tend to eat more servings. Use a small plate so that the portion that you take are not excessive. In addition, choose a color with contrast colored plates of food in it. Using the colored plates were turned out with food can make you eat more.

Longer meal
Use a timer and set time your meal for at least 20 minutes. A longer time turns out to be able to lower your calorie intake by up to 300 calories per day.

Drink water before meal
The intake of water before a meal will fill up most of the room in your stomach, thus limiting the amount of food that comes in.

A regular sleep schedule
Bad sleep habits will trigger the brain to eat at night, and unfortunately for the selected type of food usually unhealthy snacks. In addition, the lack of beds serving can inhibit the production of lepton, the hormone that makes you feel full.

Physical activity
Physical activity doesn't have to be strenuous or performed solely in the fitness center. Did you know, with the position of standalone you can burn more calories compared to sit? Standing position when working on the activity of the Office for 8 hours was able to burn 500 calories more than the same activity undertaken by a sitting position.

Whatever way you do to lose weight, the most important is to choose a healthy way and do it consistently. How to lose weight healthily will only benefit temporarily, it can even en danger health.

The Danger to lose weight too Fast
Lose weight or maintaining ideal body weight are certainly very good for health in a prolonged period of time. However, it is certainly in the right way, healthy, and the appropriate time.

The recommended weight loss is about 0.5 – 1 kg/week. To be able to achieve the target, you must reduce the 500 calories each day accompanied sports 3 x/week. Very low-calorie diet or with medication is not recommended, especially without any indication of a doctor.

What are the dangers of losing weight too fast?
  • Malnutrition
  • Excessive dieting can cause the body's lack of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for the metabolism of the body. This condition can cause the body to become limp, it's hard to concentrate, susceptible to diseases, disorders of the nervous system, and so on.
  • Gallstones
  • Happened on 12 – 25% of people who lose weight too quickly. Gallstones can cause great pain in stomach complaints.
  • Muscle loss
  • This is caused by the intake of protein is lacking. The body needs protein about 0.68 g/kg weight each day. Excessive dieting to lose weight fast will not only reduce body fat but will also erode the muscles of the body.
  • The effects of yo-yo
  • It is associated with less protein intake and loss of muscular body that would cause the body's metabolism slows down. While diet, body metabolism will adjust with food intake and activity of the body. The less intake of calories packed body metabolism will slow down. If this condition continues, and at some point you stop doing sports diet or the body is not able to pursue the abilities metabolizes quickly. As a result the yo-yo effect appears, the weight can go back as it was before the diet or even more heavily than before.

It is important to keep in mind, lose weight with a diet to the extreme such as very low calorie diets require physician supervision. Everyone has a different way of diet depends on weight, body condition, or there is not a specific disease. Better get down gradually and remain healthier than fast down but new cause problems for health.

September 7, 2016

September 7, 2016TWednesday, September 07, 2016

Health Insurance Plans

With so much health insurance company is there, then the planning decision and should be made as fully as possible to determine the choice of the of insurance that will be selected.

Health insurance is used as a backup for the preparation of substitute cost of treatment or hospitalization in hospitals. Insurance losses, such as property insurance, i.e. pay for loss caused by fire, theft and accidents.

Health Insurance Plans

Understanding Insurance
Insurance is an agreement between two or more parties, with which the insurer committing yourself to the insured, by accepting the insurance premiums, to provide reimbursement to the insured because of the loss, damage, or loss of profits expected, or legal liability to third parties which may be suffered by the insured, arising from an event which is uncertain, or to provide a payment based on their life or death of a person who is insured.

Insurance object is the object and service, body and soul, human health, legal responsibilities, as well as all other interests that may be lost, damaged, or loss, and reduced its value.

Explanation of definition that is long enough, but in a more modest insurance can be defined as a form of cooperation agreements or contract the transfer risk for loss of property and then the soul or the risk of being taken over by individuals or other companies, with the premium payment in this case is insurance companies.

Functions and benefits of insurance
There are some benefits if we follow the insurance program, among which are the following:
  • Tools or infrastructure to save
  • Saving infrastructure means that the amount you are insured has cash value and can be taken back, these include certain types of insurance such as whole life or endowment, and there kinds of insurance products which are deliberately combined with investments, that is called unit link.
  • Provide protection or Security
  • By having an insurance policy, the insured will be spared from possible incidence risk losses later in the day and feel safe and calm his soul because the objects insured have been guaranteed by the insurer.
  • Provide a level of certainly
  • Is the main benefit of insurance because they are basically trying to reduce an uncertain consequences of an adverse circumstance, which has been predicted beforehand so the cost of these losses to be definitely or relatively more for sure.

The types of Risk that may be insured 
In this life is a risk we cannot avoid, but can be minimized by reducing the risk or move to another party.

But not all risk can be insured, the risks can be insured should meet the following characteristics:
  • Losses are definitely, such as death, sickness, disability, and old age, including conditions that can be identified, such as buildings crumble, sink a ship, or the fail of airplanes.
  • Losses occur because of accidental factors, such as the critical final stages of disease, accidents, or natural disasters.
  • Losses are convincing, as someone who is no longer able to work because of a work accident, the engine doesn't work anymore because of the heavily damaged.
  • The insured object can be assessed and converted with value for money.
  • The risks that occur must be natural, happen because of accidental and was not planned in advance.
  • The risk of that happening doesn't violate the public interest.
  • Insurance premiums assessed value is quite reasonable.
  • The party filing the insurance should have interests that can be insured.

Insurance program planning in general
The changes that occur in the phase of life must be tailored to the insurance program will be planned as the number of family members or dependents who continue to grow, the addition of assets in the form of housing, car and health insurance for the whole family.

It is the State that requires adjustments in the insurance program you choose. The following will explain the strategy planning that you can do in insurance programs include:
  • Set your main goal with insurance
  • In managing risks, there is the underlying stuff, such as the possibility of damage to or loss of property you have. Your decision to buy a new car you have to balance the effort to protect from possible loss and possible physical vehicle for damage due to an accident.
  • Purpose of the insurance
  • Something you need to think about the risk is what you will encounter in this lifetime? Adjust those risks with the purpose of your life. To be able to understand it, you should be trying to gather as much information as possible about everything about insurance programs, such as what or anyone who must be insured, insurance types are really needed, the size of the level of premiums, and the credibility of the insurance company.
  • Decide, choosing & Do action
  • Please choose the insurance that suits your budget planning that you've created, count back your insurance needs ranging from a need in buying life insurance, health insurance, and that protects the entire property or assets. Do it one by one and keep realistic strive with income and budget.
  • Do the evaluation of the Program that you select
  • Think for a period of about two or three years or when there is a change in the phase of your life, such as getting married, having children, and have a home of its own. The need for insurance coverage in the amount of the Fund will grow in line with the increase of the number of dependent objects that become in the family or the bear necessities of life your parents.

The proper insurance planning Targets for stages of children
This stage starts from the time our children born to our children get the best education level, which is certainly the dream of every parent. The good news, from this stage children have educational insurance planning to ensure availability of funds at the time of entering school age and especially when entering secondary college. At this stage, health insurance and hospitalization is also very  necessary early on because they are very susceptible to disease.

Insurance planning is right on target for a single group
Single or unmarried typically those that range age 20 years and over. Although in this stage they don't have dependents are great, but cleverly have critical illness insurance and inpatient hospital with the goal if there is risk to life did not become a financial burden for parents or siblings.

The risk of living such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, or kidney failure requires a very large medical treatment cost, if the risk of this happening is certainly going to be a financial burden for parents while kids hasn't been able to help prop up financially for financing and the weight of pain treatment.

Insurance planning is right on target for the '30s age group
In General, in the age of 30s it was the stage of young parents, the stage of building a family and has children and childhood. At this stage, there is also a lot of obligations that must be set aside as car repayments for home mortgage, milk, child, household expenses, and many more which lead to this age group is in need of insurance.

The goal is for protection in case of risk of critical illness, accident, and died on the breadwinner, financial disaster did not happen against the families left behind. To that end, it is highly recommended in this stage have critical illness insurance, sum assured soul, and adequate hospitalization insurance in order to support the family in case of unexpected disasters.

Insurance planning is right on target for the age group with close-set piercing
At this stage children are already starting to get teens and youth. During this period the parents usually already more established financially but in this age of complaints and also various health problems begin to appear. At this stage the parents also began to develop assets and businesses, ranging from car, home, and business expansion.

Therefore, it is very necessary as insurance critical illness insurance, died, and adequate hospitalization insurance. Here the insurance was very instrumental in securing assets so that in the event of critical illness and accident death coming, assets that have already collected this congratulation are not discharged for medical expenses.

Well, if you already have insurance, please check again whether the insurance that you have been adequately in accordance with the stages of your life? If not, please consult with a licensed agent nearest you.

September 6, 2016

September 6, 2016TTuesday, September 06, 2016

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar or hyperglycemia is a condition in which the glucose levels in your body increase. This condition generally is indeed experienced by those who suffer from diabetes, and can be dangerous if it happens on an ongoing basis. Learn about the symptoms and how to overcome high blood sugar before it is too late.
Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

For patients with diabetes, high blood sugar levels can be caused by consuming glucose-lowering drugs to forget or inject insulin. In addition, stress, infection occurs, less exercise, eating too many carbs, or doing a fairly heavy physical activity at a time when low levels of insulin can also be a cause of high blood sugar.

Although it is reasonable to occur in diabetics, don't underestimate your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels that are left can lead to life-threatening conditions, namely Diabetic Ketoacidosis (condition in which the body can't metabolize blood sugar).

Anyone can have high blood sugar, even in people who don't suffer from diabetes. Outside of diabetics, these conditions can occur in those who suffered a heart attack, suffered infections severe enough, or stroke.

Caution if you experience some of these symptoms
The increased blood sugar levels in some people might not show any symptoms. However, try to look at some of the signs below to prevent high blood sugar occurs unexpectedly.
  • Weight lose occurs, but the appetite is growing.
  • Often feel thirsty and mouth felt dry.
  • Frequent urination, especially at night.
  • Itchy skin and feel dry.
  • Easy to feel sleepy and tired.
  • Vision becomes blurry.

High blood sugar symptoms above may deteriorate if the condition is accompanied by dehydration and not immediately resolved. As a result of sufferers can be absent-minded, the easier it is sleepy, dizziness when standing difficult breathing, until unconscious.

Find out how to solve it here
So no prolonged high blood sugar and body condition was not deteriorating, start changing your diet to be healthier. For example, by starting eating avocados, cinnamon, garlic, nuts (walnuts, cashews, almonds), and cherries. The variety of food is quite potent in lowering blood sugar levels. But remember, don't mix the various ingredients with sugar or sweetened condensed milk when ready.

For those of you who suffer from type 2 diabetes or, you can also consume a mixture of water with vinegar before eating. This mixture will help reduce the increase in blood sugar and increases the insulin in your body.

In addition to some type of food, the coffee is also believed to be able to lower your high blood sugar. However, by simply looking at what you consume is not enough. With such blood sugar can be more controlled. Sport and maintain the ideal weight is one of the best ways to avoid diabetes or high blood sugar. Long term benefits from both of these activities cannot be replaced by exactly a vitamin or supplement that you consume.

Care about yourself, avoid high blood sugar by continuing to monitor the food you consume and keep healthy life patterns. Immediately consult your physician if condition high blood sugar occur constantly.

September 2, 2016

September 2, 2016TFriday, September 02, 2016

The ill effects of smoking for eye health

In addition to be bad for the body part in the organ, cigarette smoke is apparently also the negative impact for the health of the eyes.

Smoke, activities that increasingly more and invite health problems. Everywhere the campaign of anti-smoking continuously buzzed. Starting from activist to the mother-homemaker, everything is moving forward into the future. Especially when her husband became a heavy smoker.

The ill effects of smoking for eye health

A cigarette consisting of paper, filters, and tobacco, hidden negative impact to human health, either smoked or who do not smoke. One of its effects will be felt on the health of the eyes. Only exposed to the smoke, the sufferer will experience an eye sore and red. Based on information taken from Seminar on eye health, it is estimated that cigarette smoke contains 7000 type chemicals, and hundreds of them are considered dangerous, including carbon monoxide and ammonia.

What are the dangers that can be caused smoking on the eyes?

If that is the problem resides on the smoker. It is said that people who smoke have a risk of developing this disease is doubled compared to those who do not smoke. Well, when it's got cataracts, let me smoke in any way nor will there be Delish.

Uveitis is a dangerous disease that could eliminate the vision and very dangerous to the important parts of the eye, such as iris and retina. In addition, Uveitis can also cause other diseases, complications such as cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal ablation. Once again, smokers are potential victims of this disease.

Irritation of the Eyes
Toxins and chemical content in cigarettes can cause irritation of the eyes. Cigarette smoke also causes symptoms such as itching and red eyes.

The Danger of Fetal Baby
For pregnant women who still love to smoke, chemical content of smoking can cause fetal eye disorders that are present in the content. Children can be born with cross-eyed eyes, until the worst is blindness. So, when it is ready to have a child should consider quitting, either from the mother or the father.

Four of the above shows just how dangerous smoke and poisons contained therein against the human vision. When the eye is a gift of God which must be preserved. To avoid the above things, it is better to regulate the lifestyle.

August 30, 2016

August 30, 2016TTuesday, August 30, 2016

Online Health Care: Urgency and code of ethics

Today the use of the internet became a necessity in human life. One is a rapidly growing online health care services, such as consulting a doctor.

The Internet has managed to turn a conventional health care trends in various places in parts of the world. Patients who previously could only be consulted with a doctor in the place of practice, now have the ease to get health care. The Internet allows without making the patient should be face to face with doctor.

Online Health Care

As with General health care services practice puts the existence of code of conduct health services, health service-based internet must have its own code of ethics. This job is quite complicated, because of the fundamental differences exist between the two types of practices and health services.

In addition, these efforts must also involve the cooperation of the entire stakeholder related to create environments and relationships that can be trusted. His goal was to secure information and high-quality health care services as well as to respect the privacy of the patient.

To achieve such lofty goals, an international nonprofit organization, the Internet Healthcare Coalition, announced the launch of the international eHealth code of ethics in May 2000. This code intends to make sure everyone in the world can confidently understand the potential of the internet and all the risks in the management of personal health and related professionals.

The Internet Healthcare Coalition lays out the eHealth code of ethics in eight grains of principles and basic guidelines for online health services.

Health service providers are required to disclose information that may affect consumer understanding, use of the site or purchase/use of products and services. Process transparency should include the clarity of site ownership and financial interests of owners on that site, the purpose of the existence of the site, and its relationship with the sponsor.

A health service provider must ensure that the information, including the content and the related claims health product, is correct and not misleading.

Health service providers are required to provide information that is accurate, easy to understand, always updated and required users to create personal consideration to information products and health care services are provided.

Informed consent
Health care providers must respect the right of users to determine what data and how their personal data is collected, used, or shared.

Health service providers are required to respect and protect the privacy of users. They must ensure the security of their services to prevent unauthorized access of the use of personal data.

Professionalism in online health care
Doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners who provide medical care or advice online must adhere to the code of conduct of their respective professions. Professionals must explain the limitations of the diagnosis or therapy recommendations done online.

Responsible partnerships
Sponsors or affiliates that collaborates with the health care provider must be reliable and comply with applicable laws and uphold the same standards.

A health service provider is obligated to provide opportunities to the service users to provide feedback, in the form of suggestions, criticisms, or supervision of the compliance of the site against the eHealth code of ethics.

Through the elaboration of eight grains of principle above, it is expected that the reader can know the urgency of the existence of eHealth Services Code of ethics as well as its benefits for the sustainability of health services in the cloud, especially amid increasingly stretched health care online activity.

August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016TMonday, August 29, 2016

Consumption of sprouts healthy sperm

A healthy diet is one of the conditions to improve fertility. In men, during consumption these sprouts are believed as a vegetable that can nourish the sperms.

The sprouts are one source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that is essential for reproduction. The vitamin is needed for the formation of healthy sperm. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage. "These free radicals are poisoned so that interferes with the process of the formation of sperm or spermatogenesis," said Dr. Sigit, urology specialists from hospital Bunda, Jakarta.

Consumption of sprouts healthy sperm

Vitamin E not only interferes with sperm production, but also causes a decrease in the production of hormones and enzymes responsible for sperm production.

However, according to Dr. Sigit, the consumption of foods or supplements of vitamin E does not matter much if it turns out there is a disorder known as "sperm factory", i.e. testes.

"The frequent presence of a varicocele condition or widening blood vessels is veins in the testicles. This is the cause of infertility in men," he said.

To that end, disorders of the reproductive organ men must be addressed first.

On the other hand, the consumption of nutritious foods remains to be done. In addition to vitamin E, vitamin C and beta carotene is also very important to avoid free radicals.

The amount of Sperm a little? Try these seven foods
The least amount of sperm is one of the causes of infertility in men. Many or the least amount of sperm could be influenced by various things, one of them from the consumption of food.

Research shows the intake of foods containing micronutrients such as vitamins C, E, folic acid, and zinc can help improve sperm quality. The following foods can increase the amount of sperm.

Garlic contains allicin which can facilitate blood circulation throughout the body, including part of the male sex organs. A smooth blood circulation in the penis can improve sperm quality. Garlic is also rich in vitamin B6 and selenium that is useful to control the secretion of sex hormones and reduce damage to sperm.

Walnuts contain arginine can increase semen volume and sperm production. Like garlic, Walnuts also improves blood circulation to the penis because it contains omega-3 fatty acid.

Eggs contain vitamin E may help macular tissue in the testicles. Eggs also contain antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals and protect cells of the body. That way, the eggs may increase sperm count.

Pomegranate fruit
Antioxidants in pomegranate helps reduce malondialdehid, IE bookmarks free radicals in the body, which can damage sperm. The consumption of antioxidant-rich fruits like this can also kill free radicals in the body which increases the production of sperm.

Banana is one of the best foods to increase your sperm count because it contains vitamins A, B1, and c. the Vitamin beneficial for increasing sperm count and also the stamina of the body. In addition, the banana is rich in bromeliad enzyme that functions, that control the sex hormones.

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contain active ingredients as L arginine HCL can increase semen volume and sperm count as well. According to the study, eating dark chocolate can help men have a better orgasm.

Oyster shells
Clams oysters are rich in zinc which is a mineral that plays an important role in increasing levels of testosterone and sperm production. The consumption of shellfish, oysters can increase sexual desire and make men more energized.

August 27, 2016

August 27, 2016TSaturday, August 27, 2016

Skin Care: Orange Peel Makes a Glowing Skin

When you eat citrus fruits, don't immediately throw away the peel. Because, the orange peel can also be used for skin care.

Why? Because Vitamin C in an orange peel is very good for making skin more radiant and combating acne. Orange Peel has a myriad of benefits to your beauty. Before the orange peel used. Pat dry and remove the orange peel used to be the white part is in it. When drying make sure the orange peel covered with cloth to avoid insects and dust accumulation. Well, after completely dry and hard, blend orange peel it into fine powder.

Skin Care:Orange Peel Makes a Glowing Skin

After performing the steps above, do the following steps:

Yogurt and honey
The orange peel mixed with yogurt and honey can be a remedy to prevent acne. Input two spoons of powdered orange peel with a scoop each of yogurt and honey in a small container. Mix until blended. Apply on the face, and leave for thirty minutes. Afterwards rinse with warm water.

Antiseptic quality turmeric when applied on the face is very beneficial. Mix two scoops of powdered orange peel with a spoon of turmeric. Add water, rose water or yogurt to make a paste. After that you apply on face.

Oatmeal and honey 
Orange peel can also act as an exfoliating scrub when mixed with oatmeal and honey. The trick is to prepare the same dose of orange peel powder and oatmeal with honey to make a paste. Scrub your face with it. Allow a few minutes to be absorbed well. Afterwards, wash your face with warm water.

Coconut oil and honey
When your skin is dry, then coconut oil, honey and powdered orange peel solutions to solve your problems. Honey and orange peel is useful in clearing the skin, while coconut oil ensures the skin remains moist. Take two spoons of powder and one teaspoon of Orange and coconut oil. Apply on the face, let sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Flour and baking soda
Flour, baking soda and orange peel is a perfect ingredient for face cleanser naturally. Mix each of the flour and the powdered orange peel two scoops with one spoon of baking soda. Add rose water or honey to facial scrub. Wash with warm water if using honey or another with tap water a few minutes later.

August 26, 2016

August 26, 2016TFriday, August 26, 2016

Bleeding Brain: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Intracranial hemorrhage is the brain bleeding that occurs in the brain tissue. This bleeding can occur suddenly at hemorrhagic or stroke due to brain trauma.

Brain hemorrhage of non-trauma is sudden bleeding within the brain tissue due to rupture of blood vessels that can be caused by high blood pressure, the structural weakness of the wall of blood vessels, or Amyloidosis.

Bleeding Brain: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Generally, all bleeding that occurs in the brain called the bleeding of the brain. But, based on the location of the occurrence, the bleeding of the brain differentiated into:
  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage. Bleeding that occurs in the brain tissue under the protective membrane of the brain.
  • Epidural and subdural hematoma. Blood clotting that occurs between the brain and the skull's head, can be above or below the protective membrane of the brain.
  • Bleeding intracerebral. Bleeding that occurs in the brain tissue itself.

Symptoms of Bleeding Brain
Generally someone who suffered a brain hemorrhage could experience fainting, headaches accompanied by vomiting, or even bleeding occurs from the ear. However, this is not always the case. Symptoms that appear depend on the location of the bleeding to occur. For example, if parts of the brain related to vision the experienced bleeding, then the symptoms that may appear is the patient has impaired vision.

Other symptoms that may occur in patients bleeding from the brain is experiencing paralysis on one part of the body, sudden spasms, numbness, as well as coordination and balance disorders. If bleeding occurs at the lower part of the brain or the brain, patients may experience a comma or experiencing interruptions in responding. While the brain bleeding that occurs in the central part of the talk, then the patient may experience disruption in talk.
  • Headache that occur suddenly and painfully.
  • Muscle weakness or muscle stops working.
  • Not able to perform simple activities such as talking to the right.
  • Mood swings.
  • Memory loss.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Dizzy.
  • Paralyzed or numb.
  • Loss of vision.
  • Disorientation or confusion.
  • Stiff neck.
  • Feel unwell.
  • Lost consciousness.
  • Convulsions.
  • Blurry vision.

Causes of Bleeding Brain
There are some risk factors and causes of the occurrence of bleeding of the brain. The following are the causes of bleeding of the brain generally occur:
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic disease (long term) that can weaken blood vessel walls. In order to prevent the occurrence of bleeding brain caused by high blood pressure, consult your physician to address this condition.
  • Head Trauma
  • Most occurred in people aged under 50 years old, most likely this condition since the accident.
  • Abnormalities of the Blood Vessels
  • This condition can occur at birth, and can make the walls of the blood vessels around and part in the brain become weakened.
  • Disorders of the Blood
  • Decreased blood platelets can also cause bleeding of the brain. Sickle cell anemia (a condition in which red blood cells are abnormal shaped) and hemophilia (a condition in which the body is deficient of proteins for blood clotting) can contribute in this regard.
  • Swelling of the Blood Vessels (Aneurysm).
  • This condition can cause a weakening of blood vessels, which can then rupture and cause bleeding in the brain. This condition can cause a stroke.
  • Angioplasty Amyloid
  • Angioplasty amyloid is a condition in which the blood vessel wall abnormalities occur due to aging or hypertension. This condition can cause a lot of minor bleeding that leads to bleeding.

Other things that cause bleeding of the brain are brain tumors and liver disease. Some causes of bleeding of the brain can be addressed early on. For example, by keeping a diet and a healthy lifestyle to avoid high blood pressure. You can also start to find out about the prevention of hypertension and handling with consulting a doctor.
If your relatives are having symptoms of bleeding brain above, immediately consult with a doctor it. The doctor will determine which parts of the brain bleed based on the symptoms that arise, as well as through Imaging tests CT scans or MRI. And if it can be ascertained the location of bleeding, the doctor will perform the proper treatment.

Treatment of Cerebral Hemorrhage
Treatment for cerebral hemorrhage may vary, depending on how severe the bleeding, the location of the bleeding, the patient's condition in General, and others. Treating bleeding as soon as possible – namely within three hours after onset of symptoms - will increase the chances of a better outcome.

Usually, the first treatment is surgery. The operation aims to relieve pressure on the brain and prevent the artery does not become weaker. The operation can also be carried out on the damaged blood vessels.

If the patient is not a good candidate for surgery, the next step is to slow down the bleeding or deal with the symptoms, such as headaches.

Preventive measures are also recommended, especially for at-risk patients affected by hypertension and aneurysm. These precautions include not smoking, following a diet with fat and cholesterol levels are low, and keep exercising, blood pressure is not high.

August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016TMonday, August 22, 2016

Healthy Foods for Beautiful Skin

These foods can help your skin healthy and beautiful. If you want to get your skin clean and shine, don't just fall asleep with the treatment from outside. You also need to take care of in, by providing healthy nutrition for the skin.

Remember, beautiful skin is not only about the diligent care of the outside. You are also required to provide nutrients to your body. The trick of course by taking the nutrients present in the food you consume daily. For example, by consuming vegetables and fruits containing vitamin needed by skin.

Healthy Foods for Beautiful Skin

Well, what healthy food that can beautify your beautiful skin bellow.

The fresh fruit is also able to give freshness in upon you. Why? Since Strawberry contains vitamin C which has many benefits for your body. Vitamin C contained in it can help you to fight free radicals, which damage the skin cells and break down collagen. As result, avoid will appear smoother.

Green Tea
Want to protect to avoid danger from the Sun? Try green tea consumption. This kind of tea contains EGCG antioxidant which may help avoid damming, repair the damage that happens to avoid, and prevent the occurrence of damage to DNA. You can consume in the form of a drink or rub it into your body, in the form of a cream.

Vegetables are favorites of ' Popeye ' is apparently also the healthy foods to avoid. His last chapter. Spinach also contains vitamin A, vitamin E, an antioxidant, and even contains vitamin C which is quite high.

Vitamin A on spinach serves damming of the skin. Vitamin C will stimulate the creation and maintenance of collagen. Vitamin E protects the skin from damage due to inflammation of the rays of the Sun. Even the spinach also contains antioxidants that slow down and prevent skin damage due to free radicals.

Olive Oil
Healthy foods that you can combine this one into your bread. Either in the form of oil or fruit. Unfortunately, if you miss the healthy foods on this one. Because, the fruit or the oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants. If you are consuming, it means you are helping your body, relieves inflammation and combat free radicals that can make to avoid the dullness. If you apply olive oil directly to avoid, avoid making it could be subtle and soft. In fact, the olive can also protect from the dangers to avoid sunlight.

Healthy food is Pumpkin orange. Pumpkin contains variety of vitamins that your body needed to get healthy skin. Include vitamins A, C, and E that can neutralize free radicals in the skin, skin, damming and prevent wrinkles in the skin. Not only that, the Pumpkins also contain enzymes that can help cleanse the skin.

In addition to several types of healthy foods above, there are many other options that could make upon more beautiful. For example, apricots, carrots, tomatoes, salmon, nuts, legumes, blueberries, salmon, mackerel or other fish high in fat, as well as other green vegetables.

Now, you already know what healthy food is good to avoid, right? Immediately write down the healthy food list above into your food menu. Don't forget also to follow healthy food on top with drink enough water so as to avoid properly hydrated and looks more beautiful.

August 21, 2016

August 21, 2016TSunday, August 21, 2016

Evaporated milk: benefits and how to make

Evaporated milk is a canned milk product made fresh milk. Fresh milk used will be reduced water levels. This type of milk is also known as unsweetened condensed milk.

The manufacturing process begins with the evaporated milk evaporate the moisture content of up to 60 percent followed by a process of homogenization. After going through both the process, milk is then packaged in cans and heated to 115-120 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes for the purposes of sterilization.

Evaporated milk: benefits and how to make

Reduction of water content in evaporated milk was aimed at extending the period has expired. Through this process, the milk will hold several months of even a few years longer. The length of this durability will depend on the content of fat and sugar in it.

Milk that has gone through the stages of production as above still do not experience shrinkage means if viewed from the side of his nutritional-nutritional content that matters. The making process of evaporated milk still make protein content and fat can be digested by the body. Mineral content of calcium, phosphorus, and other compounds in the milk of this type can also be digested, same as fresh milk.

Each 100 grams of evaporated milk there are 74.04 grams of water, besides there are still:
134 kcal of energy..
6.81 grams protein.
7.56 total fat, and
10.04 carbohydrates.

The minerals that were in the evaporated milk include calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. Meanwhile, the vitamin in the milk of this type include vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-5, vitamin B-12, vitamin A, and folate.

Make Evaporated milk at home
Evaporated milk is usually used to make the food or drink that is textured is smooth and soft. Some foods and beverages are usually wear this type of milk ingredients is a milkshake and brownies. So what if feels like to make snacks, but did not have evaporated milk? Don’t worry because it's not hard to make yourself at home.

To make evaporated milk, simply prepare the basic ingredients as follows:
  • A half cup butter.
  • A half cup of water to boil, and
  • A half cup of instant milk powder.

Combine butter and water into a medium sized pot that has been heated. Then, mix well. Reduce heat when the mixture of butter and the water is already boiling. Make sure the mixture is stirred constantly during the manufacturing process.

The next step is to mix the instant milk powder into the solution and stir constantly until the mixture of ingredients is really late. Cook this mixture until it reaches the desired level of viscosity. Let stand until mixture cools by itself.

Homemade evaporated milk it can be packed into glass bottles and stored in the refrigerator. The quality is good for consumption will remain at least until a week after creation. If you want to reduce the amount of fat in a homemade evaporated milk, then do a rate reduction in butter as you want.

More efficient as well as having nutrient content that was not much different from fresh milk evaporated milk makes a selection of food that can be consumed at any time. With a relatively inexpensive price, this makes this type of milk worth made nutrition one of mine for family members.

August 20, 2016

August 20, 2016TSaturday, August 20, 2016

Beauty Nutrition

Skin need essential nutrients for beauty and protect our body from several environmental factors such as viruses, bacteria, some chemicals, sunlight, and temperature change.

The skin is heavily dependent on a healthy diet. The better we are, the more nutrients for healthy and glowing skin anyway. In addition to having a healthy diet, do a skin care is the best way of keeping beauty and the beauty of the skin. Not only nutritious substances the body to stay healthy, but any skin craves nutrients every day to stay healthy and able to replace dead skin cells with new skin cells.

Beauty Nutrition

Below are some of the nutrients that we can remember to choose foods that are healthy for the skin or be used as a reference for choosing skin care products or vitamins are good.

Vitamin A and beta-carotene
Vitamin A plays a role in the formation of the cells from the epithelium of the epidermis of the skin, was instrumental in the process of keratinizes the skin, setting the sebum production, helping to restore and repair the ravages of light, striated, and cellulite. Vitamin A is found in animal food, while beta-carotene especially in vegetable food.

Sources of vitamin A are liver, egg yolks, milk, and butter. Sources of beta-carotene are green vegetables and fruits are the primary-colored, such as cassava leaves, leaves nuts, kale, kale, spinach, long beans, string beans, carrots, tomatoes, yellow corn, papaya, mango, jack fruit ripe and oranges.

Vitamin B
Vitamin B is very important to maintain moisture and skin regeneration. Panethenol substances produced from B vitamins are substances from vitamins that can be smeared on the exterior of the skin and can be absorbed into the skin layer to the inside. Useful maintain balance and simultaneously keep the moisture of the skin. Some foods that contain vitamin B are brown rice, cassava, and green beans.

Vitamin C
Not only good for keeping the immune system, but also to the immunity of the skin from sun exposure. In addition, vitamin C is known for its potency to make skin whiter, and can help increase the production of collagen in the skin so the skin stays elastic. Vitamin C can be obtained from citrus, broccoli, kiwi fruit, papaya, parsley, tomato, etc. Therefore, it is no wonder if the vitamin is often used as a supplemental vitamin in skin care products.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D plays a role in the regulation of the immune system of the skin and the formation of the epithelium.  Activated vitamin D in the skin with the help of sunlight and other sources i.e., egg yolks, liver, cream, butter and fish liver oil.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is known for keeping the skin remains youthful. This vitamin may reduce any discomfort or pain on the skin that is cracked or inflamed. Nutrients of vitamin E could we have by consuming food containing vitamin E is high such as beans, tuna, bean sprouts, avocado, lobster or choose skin care products that contain olive oil.

Omega 3
For people who are experiencing problems or skin wrinkles is not elastic, omega 3 is able to make the skin becomes elastic. We can consume foods containing omega 3 high like sardines, mackerel, and salmon. The body does not produce omega 3, so we have to get then through food the food.

Selenium works closely with vitamin E as an antioxidant. The main source of selenium is seafood, liver, and kidneys. Meat and poultry are also good source of selenium.

To keep the skin moist, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, helps cells absorb nutrients and excrete toxins.

When we consume or use skin care products containing one of the nutrients listed above, we have two advantages at the same time, namely, body and skin healthy.